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The of Environmental Sciences program helps students develop practical skills and knowledge to assess environmental problems and issues and provide applied solutions. With Environmental Engineers, Sanitarians, Agronomists, Foresters, Biologists and other professionals linked to areas related to Environmental Sciences, as a systemic view of the reality of production, society and the environment.

This program involves advanced research activities in preparation for a career in academia, industry or the nonprofit sector. The uniqueness of this program replaces regular classes and involves the research of knowledge of the student who participates in quarterly meetings on campus or on the web and the instructions that accompany it. The chosen area of concentration is under supervision and must be approved by the Faculty Mentor and the Research Committee.

The regular student must obtain forty-six (46) credits , each credit corresponding to 15 class hours , being: twenty (20) credits obtained in teaching activities; twelve (12) credits in orientation and dissertation production activities; four (4) credits obtained in the proof of carrying out the special activities; ten (10) credits obtained; defense of the dissertation. Also, comprising the curricular structure of the programs, the foreign language proficiency exam and the qualification and admission exam.


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